Jumat, 15 Juni 2007

Parade sulap Asia 2007 Subang Malaysia

Festival of Magic Asia 2007

Malaysia hosted its first International Magic Festival in Subang Parade Shopping Mall from 8th - 10th June 2007. This International Festival attracted numerous magicians from all around Asia to attend. One of the main highlight of the event was their magic competition which carries combine prize money of $3500 USD. The program of this festival is unlike an usual magic convention as it was held in a shopping mall; main target audience is for the public.

The standard program for the day began with the magic competition in the afternoon, followed by an evening Stage Show by the invited guests. There is also a dealer's booth area behind the stage which is opening throughout the day.

Special guest magicians from Singapore include Joe Yu, Mr Bottle and A.H Teh. I personally went for the competition alongside with 2 other local magicians, John Lee (SAM Member) and Aaron Ong. 20 competitors from all around Asia competed for the grand prize of $2000 USD. All competitors had to perform once first then for the judges to choose the top 10 acts which will showcase again on the final day of the event to decide on the final winner.

These were the top 10 acts that got into the finals.

Hong Kong

Joker Lam- With his AMA 3rd prize winning act,filling the stage with white spring flowers.

Kam Hock Man- The gentlemen of magic with flawless dove production.


Magic Hunt - Skillful Billard Ball Manipulation

J over first- Young dynamic performer with a Pirates of Caribbean Dove Act.


Neo Magic- A Spectacular Demon Act with lots of deadly surprises.


Hanzi - Performed a series of grand illusions with a touch of comedy.


Jeremy Pei - I performed my new competition act comprising, rings, candles,canes and knives.


Ritzky Siti Fatimah - A 14 year old girl with beautiful parasol production and a stunning dancing cane routine.


Liao Xiao Run- AMA Champion with her "Mulan" Act and China style card shooting.

Xie Jun Fang- Dove magic and Hula Hoop Spinning Act.

The competition is judged by 9 renowned magic personnel:

  • Fred Casta ( IBM International President)
  • David Sandy ( IBM Past International President)
  • Liew Fei Long ( President, Magic Ring Malaysia)
  • John Teo ( President, IBM Singapore Ring 115)
  • Dante Law ( Professional Magician from Taiwan)
  • Albert Tam ( President, Hong Kong Magicians Association)
  • Cris Castro ( President, Inner Magic Club Manila)
  • Pairuch ( President, Siam Magic Club Thailand)
  • Dr. Man ( Famous Magic Producer from Thailand)

The results for the competition are as follows:

Most Promising Magician Award


$100 USD-Ritzky Siti Fatimah (Indonesia)

2nd Runner Up Award


$500 USD-Kam Hock Man (Hong Kong)

1st Runner up Award


$1000 USD-Jeremy Pei (Singapore)



$2000 USD-Liao Xiao Run (China)